I have had many years experience teaching in schools and at university level, as well as privately. I teach all ages and levels.

Each student has different strengths and weaknesses therefore each lesson is tailor made to each students requirements. I can work with you to identify and improve your weaknesses as well as further improve your strengths. This may involve working on technical aspects of the instrument, musical concepts, or even just learning to listen. The aim is to play music with people!

I will also help you manage your practice time effectively so you will see positive results much more quickly. A lot of the time it's about HOW and WHAT you practice rather than how many hours you practice.

Most of all I aim to make the lessons fun and inspiring!
I have also had experience teaching in groups, most notably on the Jazz Standard discovery programme in New York City, USA. For more information check out my links page.

If you are interested in taking a lesson or would like more information please contact me via the contact page.